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  1. Hey Ed,

    I was wondering if there were any pics of the Yani A4, or more specifically the Dorado A4. I couldn’t get any to come up. Maybe I need to change something on my end?

    Thanks very much.
    George Tinsley

  2. I picked up an a4 yani at a flea market 2 weeks ago with the letters gmc on the bell . It was dirty and half the finish was gone so I cleaned it up and oiled it and it sounds really nice . Ipaid 20 dollars for it , wow I believe the gmc stands for the georgia muusic company in macon , but I might be wrong can you help me out on this .thanks. john b, serial no. 270163

  3. I recently picked up a yani A4 model sax at a flea market , serial no. 270163 said to be 1968 . It needs a repad but still played nicely and the guy only wanted 20 dollars because He and I didn,t know what it was at the time .It had the yani lyre on the neck octive part and on the lowr back body.On topwas the serial no. Then the lyre and under that the word JAPAN.On the bell were the letters GMC sitting in a floral pattern.I, m not sure what the GMC stands for except mabey Georgia Music Company. Mabey you can help me ldentify it better.It, s a perfect match to an A4 and sounds nice.

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