Long Time, No See

Howdy.  I’m Pete, one of the founders of the Woodwind Forum (WF).

Ed shifted primary ownership of this website to Gandalfe (Jim) and me in March (or so) 2014.  However, this particular portion of the WF had been offline since the website got hacked about a year or so ago.  My apologies for taking so long to get it back up: this portion of the WF was almost 100% Ed’s and I never paid too much attention to it, other than to refer people here for Yanagisawa stuff.


  • The bestest place you can go is the Woodwind Forum, itself.  It’s a fun place where the rules boil down to, “Be excellent to each other and don’t spam.”
  • We have an official blog that we’ve been slowly trying to get online.  It’s over here.  It’s primarily run by Helen.
  • We have an official Facebook page.  It’s over here.  It’s primarily run by Gandalfe (Jim).

When I last checked, there were 50 new comments here.  Well, “new” as in “posted before this place broke.”  No guarantees as to when I’ll answer them.  Again, sorry about that.  I’m probably going to try to integrate this blog with our official one.  It might take awhile, though!

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