Mouthpiece Change

I used to change mouthpieces often. It seemed like every time I showed up to play I’d have a different mouthpiece. My section mates never knew what I would show up with. A couple of years ago I made the decision to stop changing pieces all the time and to stick with something. I think that’s the best advice I could give a player. Stick with something and practice more.

For the last couple of years I have been playing primarily on the great mouthpieces of Ralph Morgan. On tenor I have been playing his 7L with nice results. My only compaint about this piece has been that it sounds a little buzzy . . . which is to say I don’t find it quite smooth enough. Three or four months ago I picked up a 7* Otto Link Tone Edge hard rubber piece from a fellow member of the Sax On The Web Forum. I noticed that the table wasn’t really flat and that the facing curve wasn’t quite right. I fixed those things and adjusted the baffle. I liked the piece but proceeded to send it out to another player who was looking for something different. Thankfully, it didn’t fit what he was looking for and I am now using this piece instead of the Morgan 7L. I find the revised Link to be smoother than the Morgan and this one has a bit of a slant vibe to it.

I believe this piece will give me a wonderful baseline for the hard rubber prototypes I am working on for my Chicago Mouthpieces line.

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