2003 Alto Setup

Prior to early 2004 I was an alto player.  After that time I started to play tenor most of the time.  Here’s a peek into what I was playing in 2003:

63 Buescher 400
55 Buescher Aristocrat 141
Vandoren V16 A5 mouthpiece – Most Playing
Selmer S80 C* mouthpiece – Classical or Ensemble
vintage Martin mouthpiece – Classical
Bonade lig (backups are Harrison and Vandoren Masters)
I am using Rico Jazz Selects in 2 1/2 and Alexanders in 2 1/2 for most of my playing. I prefer a bright reed.
I use Hemke 2 1/2 for classical or when I want a darker tone.

May 2007 alto setup:

1960 Selmer Mark VI – Chicago Mouthpieces R Series Prototype or vintage Selmer Short Shank Soloist – Fibracell Reeds
1952 Buescher Aristocrat 140 – Chicago Mouthpieces R Series Prototype or Chicago Mouthpieces SJ – Fibracell Reeds

I inherited my VI and bought the Buescher after working with the 400 and 141 a bit and finding that they were too bright for the sound I wanted.  I prefer a full tone with less higher partials.

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