Bari Sax Mouthpiece

I am playing Bari this summer with a local big band / jazz group. I’ve played around with a number of different mouthpieces over the last couple of years on Bari and have settled on using a Runyon Custom without the spolier in it. Earlier in the year I had the Runyon company make me their model 88 in a 7 facing and had them make me a spoiler for it (they don’t typically come with spoilers). This mouthpiece worked very well but doesn’t cut like the Custom. The 88 is more versatile in my mind and I’m going to see if I can open some of them way up to get a more classic big band sound.

One of the only other pieces that I really liked on Bari was my tech’s Selmer Soloist that John Van Wie had refaced. It was a killer piece.

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