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  1. I recently came across one of these Vito model 35 marvels, though most of my playing time was spent during my youth with a Selmer mark 6 Tenor, I really enjoyed playing this horn so the more I looked the loster I got until I found you folks, my only question is why is there no country of production on the darn thing mine is exact to the 35 French with the neat neck brace with Vito on it, but I turned the horn upside down then tried turning myself upside down and I can’t find where this was made, is it because it is a stencil? It has definitely never been re- laquerd
    Please help
    Thanks for being here

  2. I have a VITO tenor sax and am wondering about how old it is and maybe how much its worth…not looking 2 sell it we would just like some info on it. It says made in France ; also has DUKE stamped on it and Special is also stamped on it ; the s/n I believe is 19290…

  3. I have a French VITO in immaculate shape with the serial numbers of 000199. I’ll upload some pics at a later date.

  4. I have a Vito alto serial number 400379.. Would like to find out where is was made and when and what is the mother company .. It’s at least 15 years old.

  5. Hi…am looking for a neck for a vintage Vito tenir, oribably French made, serial #20904. Any hope to find one?? Michael in Kansas City

  6. I was wondering how much I should sell my Vito alto sax that was made in the early 70’s the serial #21044

  7. Hello, I just purchased a vito alto sax for my 12 year old son who plays in the school band. The only number I can find on it is 160. Just trying to find some info on it’s date & where it was made…Thanks!

  8. I just purchased a Vito Alto Sax for my daughter, the serial number is 14983A. Is this a mid to late 50’s horn and can you tell me what model it is? I think based of the serial number chart and the pictures I saw it may be the 7137 model. Thanks…

  9. hi i have a vito contrabass clarinet 1579f its marked France.can anyone help me find information on this?

  10. Happy new year to xou
    I ve a Vito tenor 353a
    When was it build and where.
    Best wishes

  11. I have what looks like a Vito Model 9139 with No serial number. Does anyone know of any 9139’s made without serial numbers?

  12. I have a VITO straight soprano that I’ve had since 1971. Bought brand new. research has indicated that it is one of the first series of VITO sopranos made by Yanigasawa. It’s been a great horn, never needed repairs in all those years. recently I decided to have it checked by a good repairman and he said it needed nothing. So I’m sold on VITO’s. I have a line on a VITO tenor, that I’m going to buy, but would like to know more about it’s origin. Serial # 23625 and is stamped “Made In France”. Is this possibly the student version made by Beaugier? spelling not correct I know.

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