Having an Impact

I could tell you that I get asked a lot of times how I can change the world and I also have been asked a lot of times how I can be a rock and roll singer. And do you see what’s on the end of my fingers? Calluses. And what that means is that if you’re willing to play the guitar night in and night out for audiences of three people when you are coming up and finding that even your mother says tpppth it doesn’t sound very good. The point is very simply that if you care enough you can have an impact. Because in the long run we are not sure of a prior life or an after life � we’re all hoping for that. But what we can do is maximize what we have in this brief flicker of time in the infinity and try to milk that. And be hunger in a different in a different kind of way. Hungry for experience, hungry for meaning, and you can be terribly terribly effective if you want to be.

Harry Chapin

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